Get Pet Dog In Cluj: Procedures And Recommendations | “Most People Will Never Come To A Store Rendered.”


Instructions received pet dog short in Cluj-Napoca

If we think about the paperwork necessary, the procedure adopted dog from store rendered in Cluj-Napoca seems simple: you only need three materials. The road to get there, on the other hand, there may be many detours, uncertainty and delay. So much procrastination. After a conversation heart with Beer, one of the volunteers who devoted his life to rescue the dog from the barn, we finally turned his attention to the topic of this unpleasant.

Oser, the famous flea marketRight next door , on the Bobâlnei, is the management center the stray, due to RADP Cluj management and is funded from the budget town hall. The centre is still known unofficially as “carisaj”, and the meaning of words and the intention behind it can make you confused, because it speaks directly to you about the dark side of the relationship of humans with best friend of him. Today, fortunately, the production has become a shelter. At least in Cluj-Napoca, local authorities have decided that assisted suicide is not (anymore) a solution, and in recent years, the center has improved, increasing the number of people talking. The bad news is that some in the yard wide, several meters square in many years, throughout the life of them.

Caregivers and veterinarians at the center, as well as those who volunteer to help at the shelter, working beyond the limits, overworking in case of an emergency and can’t cope with the puppies and adult dogs that residents Cluj abandoned. Therefore, the abandoned pet in itself is a problem that we must address as a society.

– Beer, volunteers,Most of these will never be out of there.” “Most people will never come to a store rendered. members

Therefore, if you come in over the weekend Oser and approached to the east of the square, can’t not pay attention to the desperate and bustle of the “outside the fence”. They are at the shop, rendered, and I’ve learned a lot more about our lives, from Beer, who constantly try to save them, encourage adoption, to find them a family.

“I’m trying to find them a family. No need to be a master to forget them in a corner of the yard with a bowl beside them. I’m looking for a family, a place where they can be loving, caring, in the people. If you take one out of the barn only to leash it, you didn’t give it a better life. Need to understand that this, before they enter the room the had a difficult life. Need to have patience and love to remove their trauma, to help them heal their wounds. ” – Beer, volunteers

In one of the most civilized cities in Romania, the best friend of human, abandoned, mistreated and forgotten – unless he has a pedigree impression and thus came from a “good family”. In such a situation, many end up in the barn, abandoned by those who should have to take care of them. Here, then, they try desperately to save them and keep their health is under control. Caregivers and veterinarians do everything possible to rescue the dog, within the limits of the facility and available resources. Difficulties arise in the management of severe cases, related to the use of medical equipment in particular, specific medications, procedures, and intervention.

Images received from Beer, volunteer in the act to encourage the adoption of dogs at the center on the Bobâlnei.
Step 1. Transfer from “procurement” to adoption

What this seemingly doomed to a life closed, stuffy, permanently cut off from any form of connection with the person that they desire so much, as Beer talk with us in winter, when the health problems of many adults and puppies, become worse. And many people lost the war. For example, dogs with immune system is still fragile, also are losing this battle – despite all efforts made to save them.

Shelter on the Bobâlnei there are about 230 box and always operate at full capacity (sometimes more than 300 is contained). The extent to which the center can feed, care for, and prepare the dog to get pets directly depends on the rate of adoption. And the situation absolutely no pink in Cluj-Napoca, as well as in other cities in Romania. Because we give up in ignorance and not really accepted.

The volunteers try to take them out of the barn, give them the method of emergency treatment that they need, to find them a foster or, ideally, a permanent home, because that is what the life of these depends on this – literally. Despite the efforts of caregivers and veterinarians, as well as the volunteers really devote all spare time to save the lives of dogs, the work of Sisyphus is to be done. Residents Cluj abandoned the best friend of them. It’s hard to see and the mind turned this aspect of a city that otherwise are you with the progress and the inhabitants of it, in general, are civilized people and you will say, these people feel.

Until we resolve the cause of the problem, a healthy both for us as individuals and communities, at least will is abandoned psychological consumers abandon shopping when it comes to a family member in the future. Instead of shopping for life and encourage the breeding operation illegal in many cases, we can choose adoption.

Images received from Beer, volunteer in the act to encourage the adoption of dogs at the center on the Bobâlnei.

Image taken from page Facebook “Puppies from Ecarisaj”.

Sure, maybe photos of dogs when the output without filter, cute, integrated, and sometimes even photos can be difficult to look (I chose the photo “cute”, but the reality can be harsh and painful). However, we know at least a photographer often take quality pics about dogs here (this increases the opportunity to receive a feed of them).

In the stalls which some have become their homes, you see the with looks of despair, fear or despair. You see what had come here at the place rendered, in alarming state; sickness and bitter, some people also persecuted before coming here. Isolated with each other, teen romance or casual contact with humans or the other, most of them do not have the opportunity to live normally. You can only agree with Bianca and the other volunteers: unfortunately, the management of the homeless is meant a form of imprisonment, sadly, followed closely and definitely illness.

In fact, we know who not to center on Bobâlnei because they predict the discomfort of emotions (as pity). But the pity and discomfort can be managed correctly through action and interaction with the this who need a little casual and affection.

THE WEEKEND SCHEDULE: A change is really important took place in summer 2022, when the center on the Str. Bobâlnei prolonged opening hours on weekends. So, on Saturday and Sunday, from 09:00 to 11:00, residents Cluj can visit the center and interact, even from behind bars, with the this. However, the lack of campaign in particular, long-term to encourage a visit and interact directly with the this (for example, local people can walk the dogs, play with them or communicate, the following activities that will facilitate adoption). A program more accessible is the first step towards a center more friendly to both the public and animal feed.

Photo taken by Ajtai Krisztina, founder Petsonality, a photo studio dedicated to animals in Cluj. A portion of the money raised from the photo shoot then support the photo shoot that Krisztina periodically provide for animals in need. I added at the end of the article a number of photos in the studio, but the Petsonality can also be done outdoors.

Adoption can completely change the lives of those rendered

Periodic Beer și alți voluntari reușesc să le găsească câinilor din ecarisaj o familie în adevăratul sens al cuvântului. Când îi vezi cât de fericiți, sănătoși și liniștiți sunt acum, ți-e greu să ți-i imaginezi cum erau în urmă cu doar puțin timp, la ecarisaj.

“Unii câini au ajuns la ecarisaj când erau pui și au rămas acolo, într-o boxă, 4-5 ani. Când în cele din urmă reușești să-i scoți afară, cel mai frumos lucru posibil este să le vezi prima reacție când ies la iarbă verde. E minunat să-i vezi cum înțeleg, încă din primul moment, ca au fost salvați, să vezi cât de recunoscători sunt. Vezi în ochii lor. Sunt disperați după o șansă.” – Beer

Norocoșii care au fost salvați de voluntari și adoptați. Fotografii din arhiva personală a Biancăi.
Pasul 2. O analiză onestă a propriei situații

Dacă înțelegi deja importanța adopției de animale, în locul achiziționării pe criterii de rasă și a încurajării unor proceduri ori illegal racing, ori imorale, următoarea recomandare venită din partea celor care facilitează adopțiile ar fi să te gândești foarte bine la decizia pe care o iei, să îi înțelegi semnificația, să o faci asumat.

“Au trecut prin multe traume, apoi au ajuns în ecarisaj. Poate fi multă muncă. Dar merită să ai răbdarea să le alini traumele, să le alini suferința. Merită. Le vei simți recunoștința, e ceva nu poți să compari cu nici un alt sentiment. Am învățat de la ei cele mai importante lecții de viață și, din păcate, și cele mai importante lecții de supraviețuire.” – Beer

Iată o listă de aspecte care ar trebui analizate și luate în considerare, conform voluntarilor care se implică în încurajarea adopțiilor de câini de la centrul de pe str. Bobâlnei:

Dacă stai în chirie: Va fi proprietarul de acord? Dacă te vei muta, ești dispus(ă) să depui efort suplimentar pentru a-ți găsi un nou spațiu? Mulți proprietari nu acceptă câini și nici alte animale de companie. Este o realitate pe care e bine să o conștientizezi înainte de a face o adopție.
Dacă îți vei changes domiciliul: Vei fi dispus(ă) să iei câinele cu tine indiferent de locul în care te vei muta în viitor? Este posibil să te muți chiar într-o altă țară. Poate schimbi mediul rural cu cel urban after invers. În astfel de situații, dacă din diverse motive câinele nu te va însoți, va fi nevoie să găsești soluții.
Dacă ai copii after dacă urmează să ai copii (oricând în viitor): Cum te vei implica pentru dezvoltarea unei relații armonioase între copii și câine? Pentru ca trebuie să te implici și să gestionezi activ o astfel de relație. Să îți faci timp și pentru unii, și pentru ceilalți. Vei putea să aloci timpul necesar?
Dacă ai deja alte animale de companie: Sunt ele compatibile cu viitorul membru al familiei? Poți să gândești un plan de acțiune astfel încât să le facilitezi acomodarea și relația?
Dacă ai un program încărcat și/sau călătorești mult: Ce se întâmplă cu prietenul tău patruped când tu lipsești de acasă? Cum îi asiguri nevoile de bază, dar și pe cele de socializare? Îți poți adapta stilul de viață astfel încât să-l incluzi cât mai mult în activitățile și călătoriile tale? De exemplu, există unități de cazare în România care acceptă și animale de companie, dar sunt puține și va trebui să faci eforturi suplimentare când îți organizezi călătoriile. Ai prieteni after membri ai familiei, care ar fi bucuroși să aibă grijă de câine pe o perioadă mai lungă de timp, chiar și săptămâni, cât ai lipsi de acasă?

În plus, mulți dintre noi nu ne dăm account, cum arată o perioadă de tranziție. În funcție de fiecare câine în parte (și de traumele adunate), va dura puțin până să se simtă în siguranță, până să se adapteze la noua lui casă. E nevoie de răbdare, iubire, înțelegere și atenție mai ales în această perioadă inițială.

Fotografii primite de la Beer, voluntară în cadrul acțiunilor de încurajare a adopției câinilor de la centrul de pe str. Bobâlnei.

Apoi, puii traversează și ei o perioadă mai provocatoare:

întâi, learning well vorbind, au nevoi biologice mai frecvente și nu se pot “abține” mai mult de câteva ore, chiar dacă poate reușești să îi înveți rapid unde au voie și unde nu au voie să-și facă treburile. Dacă locuiești la parter after la casă și ești pe-acasă, va fi mai ușor, căci îi poți observa când au nevoie să iasă afară. Dacă nu ești acasă, este important să înțelegi ca sunt pui, dar să te ocupi however de educația lor, pentru ca în momentul în care se pot abține, să știe ce (unde) au de făcut.
then the teeth of them grow up and they will chew for many different things; similarly, it is important to understand that it is normal and provide the alternatives that suit you (you may need to protect some things, store them in a duration, etc.).

When you go through all the situations if and can happen this, you may feel discouraged. The message of the volunteers and the association is a message urging responsibility – adopted, as many of us as possible, but to do it full awareness that we bring into our homes is not a piece of furniture or an accessory, which is a living, one comes to the needs of its own, with its own way, with the habit of its own.

To prevent a waiver of the new, it is important to perform the analysis of this honest to anticipate the challenges, to decide in advance how you will react, the solution will be what is.

Step 3. If you are not sure, please temporarily adopted (FOSTER)

Before adopting one, you can become the person nourish. Based on personal experience, a few years ago, we can heartily recommend an experience like that. It comes with a lot of satisfaction.

A program that fosters related to housing and care for an animal temporarily, until it can be given to adopt, or often until you find one nourishes the other – depending on the resources of each person involved and the volunteers. Following this are the people who pay their pocket money, most of the time, the treatment for dogs and any care needs that they have.

Pet dogs need dog in danger immediately in difficult situations. Typically, the adoption of temporary so save lives. Dogs have a chance to recover physically and mentally, after various injuries or health issues, getting attention, affection, learning how to trust, communicate, heal. And you learn everything that the living so that means, with all the fun and challenge at first.

If you want to perform this step, follow the post of Bianca and ask how you can become a refresher.

Images received from Beer, volunteer in the act to encourage the adoption of dogs at the center on the Bobâlnei.
Step 4. Finally, apply

Central management of wild dogs on the str. Bobâlnei have an adoption procedure simplified. Specifically, you only need three materials to adoption:

proof of identity (ID card/BI);
certificate of income (from work or votes pension);
copies of documents proving ownership or rental space where the dogs will be adopted (for example: contract of sale, lease, deed to get into space, etc.).

With regard to the special situation more, contact can be made with the center and, when appropriate, it will be set to the other types of documents can be accepted, according to the law.

However, to date, this process looks like this:

you perform analysis mentioned above, and you think, also, this type of dogs that will adapt to your lifestyle: mature or dog, big or small (approx.) male or female, etc.;
on the website of the center, on the page Facebook of the volunteers created or if you follow Bianca, you’ve probably seen in pictures, some in the box. Write out the barn where the you may be interested in to be locked up;
Of course, feel free to visit or more to the center on the str. Bobbleheads, to see people and interact with them, and if you want to adopt, have to have a collar, leash and harness, ideally even a cage shipping;
If you have decided how you want to and if it was neutral at the center, all what remains is the completion of the procedure and signed a contract to adopt.

The standard procedure is for dog adoption is free: sterilization, vaccination, worming inside and outside, microchip and registration in system R. E. C. S.

Photo taken by Ajtai Krisztina, founder Petsonality, a photo studio dedicated to animals in Cluj. A portion of the money raised from the photo shoot then support the photo shoot that Krisztina periodically provide for animals in need. These photos were taken right in the studio, but the Petsonality can also be done outdoors.

This guide comes from a personal concern, of course. As a reminder of an old wish, with all the obstacles and motivational comes with it. Then, it turns into the desire to collect and communicate all useful information for those who sit, like me, in the balance, hoping that scales will eventually tilt towards acceptance.

Useful information:

Central management of stray dogs of the city hall of Cluj-Napoca Address: str. Bobâlnei, nr. 87, Cluj-Napoca

tel: 0264 415 788 or 0758 753 992
Program: Monday, Tuesday, Three, Thursday and Friday: 07: 00-15: 00; Friday: 07:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday: 09:00-11:00.