Family Surprised To Find Kitten Wrapped In Napkin On Their Doorstep, Now Weeks Later…

A tiny kitten was f.o.u.n.d wrapped in a napkin on a family’s doorstep. “It’s so small that it fits in our hands with room to spare.”

Meet Soul Patch!

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A few weeks ago, a family from Louisiana couldn’t believe it when they opened the door to a crying kitten on their doorstep.

“Someone left him wrapped in a napkin… Both of his eyes had cysts, he was covered in scabs, and he was so malnourished he couldn’t walk,” said reddit user ArchChronicles with Love Meow .

They immediately took him inside, fed him, and gave him a much-needed bath.

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“We cleaned him up and picked up what felt like hundreds of fleas before we wrapped him in a warm blanket and let him sleep.”

The kitten is exhausted and emaciated. The family ensures that he survives by feeding him every few hours.

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“He ate the entire box of kitten food in a few minutes, even though a lot of it was smeared on his face from excitement,” ArchChronicles told Love Meow.

Over the next few days, his eyes began to clear up and he began to gain weight and build his strength.

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“Within a few weeks, he was healed, seeing clearly and running around like he should be.”

Little Soul Patch was very skinny and could barely open his eyes when they f.o.u.n.d him… Look at him now!

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They may n.e.v.e.r know what happened to him before he arrived, but they know that he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life.

Little Soul Patch has f.o.u.n.d his forever home and a feline friend to cuddle with every day.

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