Eyelash crested gecko behaviors every owner should know

If you are keeping eyelash crested gecko and want to be a better owner, you need to know their moods, behaviors and what they need to do these instinct behaviors.

Burrowing in the substrate, being stress, shedding skin and eat it, dropping tail, etc, are some crested gecko behaviors that you might notice. This article below will help you to understand your crested gecko and how to help them out of some problems.

Being sluggish during the day

Crested geckos are crepuscular which means they tend to take rest at day and become more active when it is dusk. They prefer to hide, sleep or very sluggish in the shelter place or between the leaves.

On the other hand, when it is dusk, they will be most active, they climb, walk, eat and do other exercises during these times.

Crested geckos do not like the bright light and try to hide from it, so you need to ensure that they do not provide the light intensity at high levels and place their cage far from windows or direct sunlight.

However, they still need the lighting setup in the cage to recognize the day and night cycle.

Crested geckos eat their skin after shedding

Crested geckos can shed their skin once per month when they are young and twice per month when they are adults. After this process, they eat their skin. It is believed that they do it to blot out the evidence of their existence. In the wild, it helps them hide from predators.

Skin that is about to shed will fade out slowly and crested geckos tend to hide to eat the skin. When this process happened, you should increase humidity levels in the cage by misting and using some reptile shedding supplement product.

That’s why you should prepare the best reptile humidifiers to make crested gecko shed easier.

Crested geckos dig and burrow holes in the substrate

There are some reasons can make your crested geckos burrowing in the substrate: They are preparing to lay eggs and they are trying to adjust their body temperature.

If you are keeping a female gecko, this is might the normal behavior since she digs the substrate to lay her eggs.

The other reason is that the tank is too hot and they want to cool down their body temperature. Checking and regulate the tank temperature, also provide them with a place to hide.