Dog Thrown Down The Drain, Two Eyes Stick Not In Home

In the city of Barrancabermeja, Colombia, a dog abandoned to be found in the sewers with the eyes is covered completely. Obviously, the heartless had abandoned him were glued on the eyes and feathers of him to stop the dog to follow him.

Fortunately, a people good-natured name Carlos was timely rescue cats ruffled fur, beautiful, wrap it in the blanket and immediately put it to the veterinary clinic.

After being vet checked, people confirmed that the eyes of the animal had been smeared with glue, making it not visible.

Dog is glued to each other is found in the sewers

Facebook/Zoraida Elizabeth Santiago Ospino

Dog eye infection, so try to open your eyes because of too desperate, it was trying to remove the glue by his feet.

Pictures | Youtube

According to activist because animals Zoraida Santiago, the veterinarian must take three days to remove all the glue, because this is very sensitive area, and they must be very careful when removing it.

The video shows the poor dog, licking his feet to be clean completely while being bath to remove adhesive layer on the body.

Current dog is being treated with antibiotics and underwent various tests to find out whether it is disease what not. People fear that the complete recovery will take approximately 3-month period.

Facebook/Zoraida Elizabeth Santiago Ospino

It is not clear who the author of the abandon this cruel, authorities are conducting the investigation, respectively.

For his part, Carlos, the rescue dog, has given a good news that you will receive the poodle this and take it home when in good health.

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