Dog Scrawny, Neglected Outside Unit HDB, Was Discovered With Bad Rotten Teeth, Cataracts, Ulcers

Organization protect local animal Purely Adoptions have discovered a dog scrawny lying down outside flooring HDB apartment at boulevard Ubi 1.

Be found in the extreme situation worse

According to a post on Facebook on 23 April 8 of Purely Adoptions, dog is rescue people named Hope, was found at about 2 p.m. on January 22, 8.


Her teeth is deep, both eyes are turned white because of cataracts and there is an ulcer in the right hip.

Nails of her ears, and her yeast infection can be a sign that they had not been cleaned for some time.

ears of Hope

Hope can barely stand to be found and need the support.

When taken pack wet food for dogs, she ate the whole can.

When rescuers knock on the door unit HDB, then no one answers.

Causes of muscle atrophy, lack of calcium

According to Purely Adoptions, Hope was then taken to a veterinary clinic to conduct blood tests.

Thankfully, kidney cells, liver and leukocytes of she was okay, she had test results negative for heart worms and ticks.

However, weighs only by 3.13 kg, Hope is hao the many and calcium deficiency aggravated. The vet also said she was dry eye and is blind due to cataracts.

A the other reviews about the status of she must be performed in duration from two to four weeks.

Veterinarians recommend that those who rescue Hope should just let her eat in moderation and divided into several small meals.

Is health care back

A volunteer of the organization brought the dog home to care for it.

She posted updates about the status of Hope in a comment, saying that the dog had regained a little strength, and try to stand up when she smelled the food.

Finally, Purely Adoptions said in their post that they had contact with the SPCA and AVA.

They also added that they will not return the dog to the holder until the SPCA conduct a full investigation.

In Singapore, according to the law, animals and Birds , people convicted of cruelty to animals could be imprisoned for up to 18 months and/or fined 15.000 Singapore dollars.

Mothership has contact with the SPCA and will update this story when there are new updates.

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All images and screen shots through Purely Adoptions/FB

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