Dog Homeless Sick Of Being Called Monsters And Stoned Every Time Pleading For Help


Dog homeless Louie only known a life of abandonment and deprivation. Dog, sad, living on the streets of a village in North Macedonia and is scabies sores and serious infections caused its skin is covered with plates and no feather.

Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – rescue Team Pepa/ Facebook

By the looks sickly should skeleton Louie often villagers beaten. When Louie pain and begging for help, the villagers will throw stones and banish him for being “monsters spread the disease.”

Thankfully, Saving Macedonian Strays (SMS) already know about the status of Louie and brought him to their shelter. But at this time, Louie has become very weak and there is very little combat power. However, the volunteers who help him pick up the pieces, soul-crushing, and find the will to survive.

Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – rescue Team Pepa/ Facebook

After several months of medication and care, Louie started rather than bit by bit. Today, the coat is beautiful I’ve grows back shiny and healthy as ever. Beautiful boy is completely unrecognizable after recovery! All what he needs now is a house forever belong to his own. Let’s speak out and help him get adopted.

Source: Saving Macedonian Strays – rescue Team Pepa/ Facebook

Update : the shelter has updates that Louie has been a family in the Uk adopted. The gentle giants has left behind the scars of past hurts and embrace his new family by loving heart. What a happy ending! Let’s share the story of Louie to show why every dog deserves the opportunity to live justice!

Click the video below to see the full story about the survival and recovery of Louie!

WARNING: content of this video may be offensive for some viewers.

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Older man lucky enough to be greeted every day by a “friend” crept out of the tape:

We all have seen some of the unique friendship and trouble can happen in many years, but this friendship here can will prevail!

One day, an otter hunger that appears on a doorstep the old man want to eat. Ever since, Seppo Laamanen, 65, and note otter Iivari became intimate friends, inseparable.

Source: StoryTrender/YouTube

It all started when Seppo for otters, small and malnutrition eat worms and the fish are looking for food.

Then the animal friendly’ve repaid the kindness by visiting the man at his home in Punkaharju, eastern Finland. This is the beginning of something special.

Source: StoryTrender/YouTube

There’s no way Seppo could have imagined it would lead to this. Unique friendship lovely this is love you long life and you have to witness it to believe it.

There’s nothing like the bond between two friends regardless of the species!

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10 dog breeds “most loyal” on the planet

Given love and support to humans is something that some dogs do better than others.

While many dogs love everyone who they meet and are willing to receive junk food or belly rubs from anyone, the pups we found completely the opposite.

10 dogs this is one of the dog breeds most loyal planet. We remain steadfast with loyalty to the owner, no matter what happens.

1) Akita

When club dog breeds American (AKC) lists loyalty to describe the temperament of the Akita, you know they mean business. Dog labor dressed couple, beautiful, derived from Japan is considered to have the instinct to protect those we love. They should be mingling with the dog and other human right from when they are puppies. Personality, silly, fun, but dignified of them make definition of Akita.

Source: NicoMonaco/ Flickr

2) Boxer

Dog labor this smart, energetic and very loyal to family. They are in harmony with the kids and have innate instincts is to defend his herd. He is a dog guard with a heart of gold and always devote themselves to their master.

Source: Photography by Pierre Pocs/ Flickr

3) terrier Skye

Dubbed “the little dog had big ears”, dog breeds this adorable comes from the Island of Skye in Scotland, hence named so. Whether you live in the city or countryside, the little dog with personality, this big always steadfast in the cuddly, fun and always loyal to his master.

Source: WaketheSun/ Flickr

4) hunting Dogs

Dog hunt this fun very friendly, curious and incredibly loyal. Although not bother to occasionally have time to sit on the couch potato, but dog spry this very dynamic and fun. Some interesting facts about the species this hound: the standard of this breed is for the type of from 13 inch back down and a kind of other kind of 13-15 inches. Whether you have the size how the adorable dog, this is still just want to cling to you.

Source: Simon Hameau/ Flickr

5) Sa Packaging

Breed, wrinkled, don’t like sports, this attitude is difficult to close with strangers but very loyal to his master. The origins of the ancient he is an integral part of the charm of the Shar-Pei. Regal, strong, and smart, if you want to have a BFF lifelong uncle poodle, this could be the right choice for you.

Source: Alessandro Persano/ Flickr

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