Dog Cat Was Found Inside A Plastic Bag In Guararapes, SP; Video

Four kittens were found inside plastic bags in the city of São Judas II, in Guararapes (SP), on Monday (16).

According to Fabiana de Castro Vicentini, 41 years old and is a member of the Association of friends of animals, the cat was found by a villager passing by this place, heard the meow of the cat and communication.

“I am a member of the association. So, when you receive a complaint, I was with a friend to the scene. When we arrived, the kittens are still alive. They were tied inside three plastic bags placed on the pavement and will go to the garbage truck”, Fabiana Vicentini said.

VIDEO: Dog cat was found inside a plastic bag in the city Guararapes

Fabiana statement that she began to search for residents responsible rid of the cats into the plastic bag, and to the house of an elderly woman.

“She’s 82 years old. We asked and she said that she had tied up the animal and threw them in the trash because the cat had the baby in a bush in her house”, Fabiana Vicentini said.

The military police has been activated, present at the scene, talking with the old lady and registered a police report is abusive. The mother of the cubs has not been found.

Also according to Fabiana, the kittens have been taken out of the plastic bag and taken to the house of a woman agrees to take care of them.

“We are still breastfeeding, but they will be donated immediately after the end time. There were people interested in bringing them home,” the groom explained.

Cat is brought home by a resident Guararapes – Photo: Personal Archive

For G1, Fabiana also said that the elderly woman may have called for the city to staff can guide about what can be done.

“The castration is done for free in our city. There are many people who help. We realize that it’s bad. We worry for the cat, it must be desperate if you don’t have children,” Fabiana said.

Abandoned and mistreated animals is a crime specified in the criminal code. Penalties range from three months to one year in prison and also fined 3.<> dollars R.

Source: G1

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