Bill Promises A $ 100 Tax Credit For Those Who Adopt Dogs And Cats In The State Of New York

Bill promises a $ 100 tax credit for those who adopt dogs and cats in the state of New York

New York state is trying to encourage its citizens, “adopt, don’t buy” their pet. A new bill proposed tax credits 100 dollars for any one adopted from a shelter in the state, to encourage people to rescue and don’t buy animals from breeders.

Since march 2020 year 100, the new bill, sponsored by Senator Phil Boyle and are still in the Senate state of New York review, proposed “credits <> dollars for a maximum of three or cat each financial year”. Current dogs and cats are pets only be defined in the bill.

The purpose of credit is to help cover the cost of adoption, through which help the family not afford to pay the express cost pets to help animals of the State of New York need the most.

The stray looking for a flyers food. (Photo Sean Gallup / Getty)

According to The Dogington Post only own Department of control and animal care, New York city has collected more than 30,000 and homeless cats in 2019. The new bill has received a lot of support from activists for animal rights because the program adopted animals.

The bill, if adopted, can have a tremendous impact not only for the animal shelter, but also for the millions of stray animals need to be rescued. The more the animal shelter, the center relief animal of the State of New York will have to receive and take care of many stray animals more.

The bill is given at the same time with a bill of animal welfare in other countries in the legislature New York state are attracted widespread support in early 2020. The bill, according to WAMC, proposed to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in the pet shop in an effort to make the factory puppies unethical become obsolete.

A cat playing with a stray, he went in the pet store. (Photo / Getty Images)

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Michael Gianaris, told WAMC, “The unsanitary conditions and the way these animals are kept [in the screen dogs] is cruel and inhumane.”

Animals are bred and exhibited in the pet shop “live life horrible,” sponsor assembled Linda Rosenthal added. “There are many animals can be adopted in the state of New York right now,” she said.

Free adoption can be very successful in helping animal shelter. On January 2, 2020 year 100, defensive tackle of the Head of Kansas city’s Derrick Nnadi has led the responsible adoption of animals by sponsoring more than <> adoption pet at the relief center pet KC Pet Project to celebrate the Super Bowl victory of the chief.

On Sunday, the Super Bowl, Nnadi commitment will cost adoptive 150 dollars for each animal for all the pets can be adopted starting from 2 October 38. Drive adoption contain <> and six cats of the day open the door first.

Derrick Nnadi #91 de los Kansas City Chiefs celebra con Demone Harris #52 después de que derrotaron a los San Francisco 49ers 31-20 en el Super Bowl LIV en el Hard Rock Stadium el 2 de febrero de 2020 en Miami, Florida. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

“Nunca he sido un campeón antes”, dijo Nnadi a la CNN. “En todos los años que he jugado al fútbol, esa primera vez se sientió honestamente como el mejor día de mi vida”.

El amante de los perros nunca tuvo una mascota de niño, pero se convirtió en un firme defensor de los animales después de adoptar su primer perro, Rocky, en el último año de la universidad. “Cuando lo encontré, era muy tímido”, explicó Nnadi. “Me hizo pensar en cómo otros animales, ya sea que tengan dueño o estén en un refugio, se sienten asustados y solos”.

Según la ASPCA, aproximadamente 6.5 millones de animales entran en los refugios de EE.UU. cada año. De ellos, alrededor de 3.3 millones son perros y 3.2 millones son gatos.

Una iniciativa de crédito fiscal como la propuesta de ley del estado de Nueva York podría marcar una gran diferencia positiva en las estadísticas de adopción de animales.

Perro chihuahua espera dentro de un coche. (Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images)

Ofrecer un hogar amoroso permanente para un animal necesitado puede ser una de las cosas más gratificantes que una persona puede hacer.

The relief center Us animals there are many animals to be adopted; if this bill is passed, New York state will see that those who choose to help the animal shelter is rewarded deserve for their kindness.

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