What are the best outside enclosures for tortoise?

There are two ways you can house your tortoise are indoors and outdoors. And just like other captive animals, it is always better for your tortoises to keep them in a house as similar to their natural environments as possible.

It is recommended to allow your tortoise stay outdoor as much time as possible. The best way to keep tortoises outdoor without being in danger and protect them from predators is provide the best tortoise enclosure for them. The good outdoor cages will offer lots of room for tortoises to roam around and explore.

#1 OxGord – Anchors Heavy Duty Pen Tube Metal Fence

This is the ideal durable pet crate for using outdoor and indoor. It contains 8 panels, easy to assemble and take apart. It is also lightweight, what make it easy to transport. This wire fence is good for the owner who want to spent their time play and interact with their pets as it provides highly accessible in compare with other similar products.

It is also made with rust-resistant coating metal, what increased durability and longevity to deal with harsh weather. It has diameter of 73 inches, provide plenty of room for tortoises can roam around comfortably in secure. This lockable fence also prevents your pets from escaping.

#2 Yaheetech Wooden Raised Garden

This wooden bed planter is use for grow plant but this is also a good option to keep tortoise outdoor. It is made of solid fir wood, unpainted, you can rest your mind as is totally safe for the tortoise. Firwood are durable and strong enough to deal with weather and resistance to rot and pests.

It is 76.5cm/30.1’’ height, elevated to the ideal height that you do not need to give a back to approach your pets and also protect them from other predators. This enclosure also easy to assemble and setup. You just need to use a screwdriver to put all the part together.

#3 Miraculous Joy Wood Fence

If you are looking for the outdoor enclosure for your tortoise but also give a good look for your garden, then you should purchase on this wooden fence. With the uncovered top, this fence leaves the entire top open, allow your tortoises can absorb as much as possible the UVB rays from natural sunlight.

Since it is made from durable carbonized wood, it is non-toxic, resistant to mold and is alsp prevent infested with parasites. The wooden fence also lightweight, make it it easier to assemble and disassemble, store, and transport.

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