What is the best red eared slider food brand?

To ensure that you are providing proper nutrition that supports strong growth and a healthy long-lived red eared slider, you will need to feed a variety of diets and the best red eared slider food. Commercial diets make up about 25% of your pet’s total diet.

There are several brands offering highly nutritious blends that you can offer your pet. This post provides you with only the best choices of red eared slider food as well as guide you on how to choose the right one.

#1 Commercial food diet suggestions

There are some famous brands of red eared slider food that I would like to recommend:

Zoo Med: Food products of zoo med are committed as contain all-natural ingredients. They are include soybean meal, fish meal, wheat mill run, fish oil, vitamin E supplements, choline chloride, and many others.

Exo Terra: Premium ingredients including gammarus shrimp

LEEMart: Contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals and probiotics to support flora in the intestine

Wardley: A good source of calcium and vitamin C, free from harmful colors.

#2 What should you look for on the nutrition labels of commercial foods?

Protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are some essential nutrition that should have in the best red eared slider food. When you shooping around for commercial foods, choosing the brands that offer protein levels between 40-45%, and fat between 6-8%. You should also look for fishmeal to be one of the top three ingredients listed on the label. added vitamins and minerals also should not be out of the list.

#3 My pick

Actually, the brand of commercial food is a little less important than the live food you feed them. This is because no single food should be the staple diet for red eared slider. You can choose any brand that is carried by a reputable specialty pet store.

However, as a recommendation, I have been fed my pet with Zoo Med food for a long time. For those who have used turtle food before, you may get that you get being referred to using Zoo Med. This is because this brand is good in every aspect of making sure that you get the right food for the turtle. But Zoo Med is not only one food that have higher quality. The ingredients in the food you choose is always matter a lot.