Should you use the best mercury vapour bulb for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are one of the most common species to keep because they are easy-going, docile, and can live long in captivity. But they also have some proper requirement about lighting and heating in their enclosure.

The lighting set up in bearded dragons tank should mimic what they have in the wild as closely as possible. Ensure that even in the tank your bearded dragons still have ultraviolet light, which they receive from the sunlight in natural. Moreover, your beardie also need the heat to regulate their body temperature. Those are the reason why you should get the best mercury bulb for bearded dragon.

Why you should need the mercury vapour bulbs?

The mercury vapour bulbs have more than one advantage for your bearded dragons. Normally, you should use 2-3 types of bulbs to provide UVA, UVB and heat for your pet. But with one mercury vapour bulb, bearded dragons will get both ultraviolet lights and the heat at the same time.

The best mercury vapor bulb for reptiles has the average life expectancy much longer than the other types of bulbs. This has made them valuables for some purpose throughout the years. It is also believed that using these bulbs can improve bearded dragon appetite, colouration and energy.

Some researching supposed that this mercury vapour bulbs could get damage to your pet due to its high intensity of the UV rays. To ensure your bearded dragon’s safety, place the bulb far from your pet about 12 to 24 inches and do not forget to provide them with the plenty of shade or someplace to hide.

Mercury vapour bulb pros

In compare with the other bulbs such as incandescent and some fluorescent options, mercury vapour bulbs have more efficiency of luminous while using less energy.

Mercury vapour bulbs are valued over LED lights on their ability to produce very clean white light.

Mercury vapour bulbs have a long life; the average life expectancy of them is up to 24,000 hours.