Tips for Finding the Best Line for Your Baitcaster

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Getting into baitcasting can be a steep learning curve for a lot of anglers out there, but don’t lose hope, consistency is ever the key and we’re here to help flatten that learning curve as much as we can.

So one of the first things you want to look into is the type of line you’re using on your reel, using the wrong line for the job will certainly make your entry into baitcasting difficult. You want to find the right line for the right conditions, are you fishing in clear water? what fish are you going after? and are you going to be dealing with brush and rocks or a nice clear opening? All of these factors should enter into the equation of which line is thebest fishing line for baitcaster.

If you are fishing in clear water conditions, then you want to make sure that you have low visibility fluorocarbon line, having a fluorocarbon line will reduce the number of potential breakpoints between you and your fish by eliminating the need to use fluorocarbon leaders. Keep in mind that if you can get your hands on braided fluorocarbon line then you’re really in for a treat, with its extra strength and durability, reeling in your fish and line over rocks and through the brush is not nearly as much of a big deal.

Perhaps you’re looking for thebest fishing line for bass baitcaster. For bass lines, you want to make sure you have the correct poundage and the ability to make a long cast, a few things to look for in a line that will just fly off the reel are low line memory, keeping that line straight and creating less friction when coming off the reel. Another is line stretch, the less line stretch you have the less time it takes to set that hook once your bass chomps down on the bait, as a general rule of thumb braid line doesn’t stretch however you can get your hands on some great low stretch mono-lines that may just do the job even better.

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