The best Leopard gecko substrates requirements

The best leopard gecko substrate is a vital aspect that impacts your leopard gecko’s well being. Choosing the wrong substrates can lead to some health problems for your pet or even death.

There are so many options for substrates for leopard gecko. Some of them are safe, some are unhealthy, and some substrates are controversial. This article will help you to choose the most matching substrates for your leopard gecko.

 What are the leopard gecko substrates requirements?

The leopard geckos will spend most of their time walking, run, feed, and poop on substrates. In sum, almost their activities even burrow holes and lay eggs have happened under the substrates. Due to this, leopard gecko substrates have to safe for geckos and do not maintain any matters that cause the dead is possible.

The frequency that you should clean and change the substrates depends on the type of substrate. What is better on absorbent will take you less time of cleaning and changing. When changing substrates, you can just change the dirty part of them, not all the substrate in the tank.

Finding the best leopard gecko substrate that easies to clean, change. It is better to use recycle substrates, which will reduce the cost of habitat upkeep and also environment friendly.

Note that the best substrates should not cause irritation to leopard gecko’s skin. And also not built up the dust and get the risk of respiratory problems for leopard gecko.

Good substrates for leopard gecko

Paper towel:

This material is cheap, easy to change and very absorbent. Paper towels will be the best substrates bedding leopard geckos for the baby because they will defecate frequently. Especially this material totally safe with your pet.

Stone slate:

This material is good at grip, have a natural apparent and easy to clean. Ensure that there are not any sharp edges that can get your pet hurt.

Reptile carpet:

This material is good at grip and absorbent but the down point is that it can get dirty and smelly in a short time.