Best HOB skimmer: Eshopps Hang On Protein Skimmer PSK-75H vs Coralife Super Protein Skimmer

The main task of protein is to remove the protein and amino acids from the water by skimming it off the water’s surface. They also remove other compounds elements, dead plants, food particles, and bad bacteria. All of these make the protein skimmer important for the survival and thrive of creatures in your saltwater fish tank.

If you are looking for the protein skimmer that does not take the living space inside the tank of your fish, these following are our top 2 picks of best HOB skimmer: Eshopps Hang On Protein Skimmer PSK-75H vs Coralife Super Protein Skimmer.

As a quick sum up, Eshopps HOP protein skimmer not the most powerful hob protein skimmer but it is a compact unit. Coralife Skimmer is a great option for the limited budget.

#1 Capacity

Capacity is the most important specifications to check before you decide to buy the best protein skimmers. The capacity of the skimmer is the maximum tank size that it can handle for. In order to get the best results, you should choose the skimmer that has a larger capacity than your tank size.

Eshopps HOB skimmer SPK-75H is designed to use for a small-sized tank, it can be placed on marine aquariums from 10 to 75 gallons.

Coralife Super protein skimmer has 3 different models available with different capacities are 65 gallons, 125 gallons and 2210 gallons. It offers 3 options that you can choose the best suitable size for your tank.

#2 Effective Cleaning Process

The protein skimmer work by producing bubbles, which will remove harmful organic materials in your aquarium. Generally, the smaller the bubbles, the more effective the skimmer is.

Eshopps PSK-75H includes the pump is made by Sicce, an Italian manufacturer. It is of very high quality, very reliable in function and working quietly.

The Coralife Super Skimmer includes a patent it needle wheel water pump system that works remarkably well in operation. It also causes impressed by working quiet is and really good at heat dissipation. The Coralife Super Skimmer produces microbubbles in the aquarium and collects dissolved organic materials in the collection cup for easy removal.

#3 Compact unit that fits into your tank

You will not get the device and then realize that it is too big for your tank, you cannot install in the space you have.

Eshopps PSK-75h is extremely compact in size. The cylindrical body of the Eshopps PSK-75H is only 3 inches in diameter and the total footprint of it only measures 7x 6 inches. This makes it a lot easy to handle and place, especially if you limit in space. Not only that, but the pump of this protein skimmer is also located outside the aquarium. This makes it takes less living space of your fish and reducing heat transfer.

Coralife super protein skimmer measures 4.2 x 5.5 x 20.8 inch. It is not as compact as Eshoppes PSK-75H but it adaptable for both hang-on aquarium mounting and in-sump setup. What makes it suitable for different space.