Best heating pad: Zoo Med Under Tank Heater VS. Ipower Heat Pad

Heating is one of the most important aspects when it comes to caring for reptiles and amphibians. Some species of reptiles require very special hating in their enclosure habitat.

So it is absolutely essential to research their heat requirement and provide them the best heating pad.

This post is about our two recommended heating pads: Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater VS. Ipower Reptile Heat Pad Under Tank Terrarium Heater.

#1 Easy to use and install

The iPower reptile heat mat is simple to use and control the temperature inside your terrarium. It includes two bottoms to adjust temperature raise up or decrease. You can also switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees.

An indicator light will light up to alert you when the heat pad is turned. You will not wonder if your reptile is receiving heat or not.

Zoo Med heat pad comes with 8 pages instruction book, which is very detail and helps the user easily to install. However, it comes with permanent adhesive. Once you’ve attached the heat pad to the tank, it is cannot be removed again. This will make the cleaning for the tank more difficult.

#2 The size

The size is important because too small will do not have enough amount of heat but too large heat pad will tank lots of space.

The heat pad should only tank about 2/3 at the bottom of the tank. This will ensure your reptiles get enough heat and also create the gradient temperature inside the tank for your reptiles.

Zoo Med comes in some different choice of sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. You will have many options to choose the best for your tank. But only the mini can use for the plastic enclosure. The other size should be used with glass and wooden tanks in order to avoid the plastic is melted.

iPower heat pad has only one size 4×7 inches (4W). You have to check your tank size before decide to buy this heat pad.

#3 Efficiency

Zoo Med offers the heat pads in a variety of sizes and wattages. This heat pad can be able to run 24/7 to ensure your pets always kept warm. They are efficient but do not cost much to run.

It contains a solid-state nichrome-heating element. This product provides the optimal level of heat for your reptiles.

Ipower heat pad has the temperature range between 40 and 108 degrees F. This temperature range will ensure that your reptile gets enough the heat output that they need.