Best goat clippers: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers

Clipping goat and hoof trimmers for goats are not just a competition; it is also beneficial for the goat by reducing their body temperature during the summer, free them from pests, bugs and other infestations. However, to ensure clipping is safe, do not worse or injuring your animals but also quickly and efficiently, you have to purchase on the best goat clipper.

This post reviews about two goat clippers, which will ensure your goat’s comfort as well as your own convenience: Best Choice Products Goat Clippers vs Yescom 380W Farm Electric Goat Clippers.

#1 Clipper power

The effectiveness of a clipper is judged by its ability to cut seriously think, tough and long wool coats. To do that, the clipper needs a good amount of power. The power of clippers is usually measured in watts.

Ideally, the best clipper should have wattage between 300 and 380.  Best choice products clipper offer 320W of power and the Yescom 380w have 380W of power. That means they are strong enough to shear any heavy long coats and shear for a long time without overheating.

#2 Rotation per minute

RPM is a measure for how many times the blades of clipper move per minute. RPM will determine the speed that the clippers finish their work. You should choose the clippers with RPM at around 2400-2500 per minute.

The Yescom has the motor cuts at up to 2500 RPM and Best choice products can cut at up to 2400 RPM. The faster you finish cutting, the less stressful your goat is.

#3 Adjustable blades

The blade tension needs to be adjusted too tight or easy depends on different wool of goat. For example, the blade can be too tight to cut heavy goat wool and you will need to loosen the blade to get the best result.

Yescom has a very special blade, which is designed for sharper and deeper than usual shearing blades. This blade ensures the effective at working through the thick and matted wool.

This product also comes with adjustable blade pressure easily by the rotatable button at the top of the device. However, some users complain about its quality since the blades coming loose and falling apart.

Best choice products also include the rotatable button on the top that allows users to adjust the blade tension. It can be able to change the shearing head but not included you will have to buy separately blade.