What are the best treat foods for hamster?

Just like any household pets, Hamsters also should be given love and reward. Especially if you want to spend time create a bond with your new hamster pet, giving your hamster a treat can be the best way to build a bond and training your pets.

Tasty treats should be a part of best food for hamster. However, the problem with hamster treats is that they only should be given sparingly, overfeeding or eating the wrong, low quality treats can also cause serious health problems. It is important to provides good treats for hamsters with the proper quantities that includes both nutritious and good taste.

#1 Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Carrot Treat

The Kaytee Timothy Biscuits are available as 4-ounce bags. This is one of the most best seller treats for hamster on the market. It is totally safe and ready to use. With the affordable price, you can expect that you can get the good quality biscuits.

It is a great treat when it comes to wear downs hamster teeth due to its hard and chewy tecture, your hamster will love to gnaw on this treat. By this way your hamster will get healthy nutrients as well as keeping the teeth in the well condition.

Its ingredients include timothy hay that has been baked with real apples, which provide a good source of fiber for hamsters. It comes in a compressed form, which will encourage the chewing activity.

However, remember that treats only should be provided occasionally. This is because most of them provide lots of fat and sugar content and can make your hamster obesity

These treats are also good tool for create a bone with your hamster, you can have a fun time playing with your pets and also training them to go toilet as well. These timothy biscuits have received thousand positive feedbacks from many hamster owners.

#2 Ware Large Rice Pops Small Animal Treats

Ware Manufacturing Large Rice Pops will make the ideal crispy, crunchy treats meant. If you do not want to spend much of money on hamster treats, you should consider this one. This treat is alaivable in a pack of six. Its dementions is about 5 inches long, and diameter is 0.75 inche, due to this, it could take your hamsters a lot of time chewing.

Its ingredients include rice and corn, these ingredients will provide lots of nutrition for hamster but at the same time it comes with high sugar content, so it only should be given occasionally.

I would like to recommended provide it about an inch or two of this treat for once a few days. With smaller breed of hamsters, it even should be given less.

Ware critter pops are great treat to grd rid of boredom can keep your hamster busy in their cage. It is good for the hamster teeth conditioning and also pastime together.

#3 eCOTRITION Yogies for Hamsters

eCOTRITION is agood choice if you do not have any experience about hamster treat as it is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the small animal treats industry. eCOTRITION Yogies comes in a small bite size, which is ideal for hamsters, gerbils, and rats. There are two flavors available are fruit and cheese flavors.

Ecotrition only provide high quality, animal-safe and healthy food for small animals. Your hamster will live to chew these small chips. They are made from real, easy-to-digest yogurt and sugar and being packed in the 3,5 ounce bag.

However, just like other treats, Yogies are also not good to overfeed to hamsters. You should only give one or two chips a day for hamsters to keep your hamster happy.

#4 Kaytee Forti Diet Healthy Bits Treat for Hamsters and Gerbils

It is obvious that this treat is not a healthy and balanced diet, but it is a good supplement for nutrition and to encourage chewing activity of hamsters. Kaytee Forti Diet Healthy Bits Treat for Hamster provides a healthy and high-quality treat for your hamster. It is comes in small nuggets form and available in variety of tastes and textures.

However, this treat should not take more than 20% of hamster daily diet. Apart from variety tastes and textures that it is bring, the treat is also a plenty source of  beneficial supplements. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals, which helps boost of healthy nutrition and also provides probiotics for promoting digestive healthy. Generally, this treats is not only tasty but also a healthy choice, buut the bite may be too large for some dwarf hamsters.