What are the best wooden crates for puppy training?

It is obvious that the best crate for puppy training is essential as it will be a cozy, safety home for your pet and also helps protect your home when you are not around. Among all the types of puppy crates, wooden crates are not usually recommended to use as it has a number of significant downsides.

However, if you are looking for the cage that can be multiple used as furniture and look very nice as a decorate for your house, then the wooden crate could be the one that match your home décor very well.

#1 Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate

if you do not like to place a puppy crate that take up space and look unattractive, then you should go with the wood crates. This crate of Crown Pet can be used as a table, which will make the nice furniture for your living room. Although it is higher price than other types of dog crate but it is solidly made and secure.

This crate made of hardwood instead of fibreboard and treated with three finishes. It also has a waterproof melamine-covered finish. With the price of under $500, you can get a sturdy crate for your pet and also a high quality fine furniture with a stained and lacquered finish.

#2 Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate

This crate may look the same as the previous models, however, the special feature of it is that you can convert it into a wooden gate for your puppy. Although made of wood, it is quite easy to assemble. It also features removable plastic tray, it is the feature that not all the crate will have. The removable tray will help you easier to deal with a bad mess your puppy if he spills the water dish.

The strong wire panels make the crate well ventilation and provide full side visible for your dog. If you want to play and interact with your pet, youe can open up the crate into a wooden gate and use it to close the open space or doors.

#3 New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate / End Table

If your dog prefer to live in a private dark place, you should provide he this crate. Although it is quite private, the ventilation is still good tank to the bar windows on the side and a front bar door. Even you keep the bad behaviour puppy, who prefer chew thing in this crate, you can rest your mind due to stainless steel tubing and a stainless steel latch.

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