Best Backyard Chicken Coop: Best Choice VS. Omlet Eglu Cube

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to keep chickens to have their own fresh and clean source of eggs. But when it comes to keeping chicken, the first thing you should consider is getting the best backyard chicken coop.

For many people who do not have any experience, this post is the comparison between two chicken coop that may help you find out which coop will work best for your particular needs: Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop VS. Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop.

#1 Large outdoor run area

There are many chicken coops that do not come with an attached run. So you will have to allow your chicken roam your backyard or create the run area before you can use the coop

Besides Merax chicken coop, Best Choice and Omlet Eglu chicken coop are products you can fully trust. These two chicken coops include all the rooms that your chicken needs.

They are attached to a wide-open fenced enclosure, which provides the chicken plenty of room for running.

Moreover, we appreciate the cover on the run of Omlet Eglu coop. The cover creates the shade for chicken.

#2 Space

Whatever chicken coop that you choose, make sure that it has enough space for your flock. The chicken coop has to accommodate the number of chickens that you own.

There is the basic rule is that each chicken should have at least three square feet inside the coop and 10 square feet outside the run area.

The 80” Best Choice chicken coop measure 80″(L) x 26.5″(W) x 51.5″(H), it is totally big enough to contain 3-4 chicken depend on their size and breed. This size is absolutely suitable for those who are just getting started.

Omlet Eglu chicken coop is larger than Best Choice, it is designed for containing 6 medium sized hens and up to 10 smaller bantam breeds.

#3 Design

Best Choice coop is made from weather-resistant natural fir wood. The material makes it not only non-toxic and friendly with animals but also very durable after a long time of use.

Although it is compact in size, this coop includes all the room that chicken needs: a henhouse, an outdoor exercise area, a nesting box, and a rooftop, which can be able to open and close.

Omlet Eglu is the molded plastic chicken coop. It sits on a sturdy metal frame but also light enough to easily move around the yard. It also includes the no-spill food and water containers.

#4 Safety

There is the drawback of Best Choice is that the hinged door to the nesting box does not lock. It can lead to the rick that some predator might open the nesting box and steal the eggs.

However, you can solve this problem by adding a lock or latching mechanism to the nesting box top.

Omlet Eglu includes the secure lock on the run, which is not easy to pull open. The metal frame door is also sturdier and won’t swell or contracts like the wooden door.