A Sick Dog Left Alone Has Become A Beloved Member Of The Family

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The dog named Cukorborso was found in a very bad condition but he gradually recovered and became a member of the family.

Andrea Kyle was driving home when she saw an abandoned dog on the side of the road. He immediately knew he had to help. The animal was wearing a collar, so he believed it also had a tag with the owner’s information on it and he could easily take the dog home.

But when he got closer, he saw that the dog was in a very critical condition. He suffered from mange, causing almost all of his fur to fall out and one of his eyes to be damaged.

Kyle and her husband have three dogs at home and have rescued many more as volunteers. But they agreed that they should help the unfortunate animal. They took the scared baby home, bathed him and took him to the vet.

It is estimated that the recovery process for the dog named Sugarpea will take half a year. At first, they reserved a place for him in the garage, but the next day he wanted to go into the house so they set up a quarantine area for him inside.

As the weeks passed, Sugar Pea got stronger and grew a beautiful golden brown fur. He made very good friends with three other dogs and became a permanent member of the family.

The incident happened in 2016, and Kyle and his wife have loved this dog since then, although they admit that they are a bit spoiled. The woman said: they had no children, but the way Cukorborsó came to them was very close to the way a child entered the family.





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