‘A Bag Of Bones’: The Abandoned Lurcher Is One Of The Skinniest Dogs The RSPCA Has Ever Seen

A dog found abandoned on the side of a road is one of the skinniest animals the RSPCA has ever rescued.

The skinny young woman, nicknamed Snoopy, was reduced to “a bag of bones” when passing motorists spotted her collapsed on the road.

Motorists travelling on a busy road in Maidstone, Kent, took her straight to the vet on February 16, but thankfully, she is now recovering steadily in the care of the animal charity.

It is thought that the two-year-old tan, which weighed the equivalent of about 10 bags of sugar and was only 22 lbs, was deliberately starved and locked in a small cage because he injured his tail.

Snoopy the Dog

Rosie Russon, inspector of the RSPCA, said Snoopy was so thin that residents discovered she had mistaken the hungry dog for a pile of rags.

She added: “Snoopy was curled up and collapsed on the curb of a busy street when he was found.

“Those who found her said at first they mistook her for a pile of rags, she was so stationary that they had to steer so they didn’t see her.

“Luckily they got out in time and kindly rescued her and took her to a nearby vet who called us the next day.

“She was extremely thin – almost exclusively skin covered in bones – and weighed only 10kg instead of 16kg, which is the ideal weight for her size.

“No pathology has been detected, so this emaciation seems to be due to not being fed.

“She also suffered a tail injury, possibly from being locked in an enclosed space.

“She’s very young — less than two we think — and obviously had a very sad start in her life — but she’s a sweet, friendly little creature nonetheless.

“She appears to be recovering well, although dogs are always at risk of organ failure so we are keeping a close eye on her.”

The RSPCA is investigating Snoopy’s mistreatment as she continues her recovery at the Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent.

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