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Car owners who insist on pulling goods with supercars! Also stick it with tape! Are you really not afraid of peeling off the paint?

Stick to the ones who do cameos on camels! It will take half a year! I just want to ask how often does a camel change its hair?

The J official insisted on communicating with the owner of the modified car, he could actually ask the driver to get out of the car and chat! Probably he didn’t expect to chat for so long that I was able to take his picture!

The owner insisted on putting on clothes for the horse. There is nothing wrong with keeping it warm. Of course, looking at the green plants behind it, it should not be too cold. But why do you have to choose such a tender pink? Means it’s still a baby?

Ladies who insist on standing desks will often change their left and right feet, just like some birds!

Homeowners who insist on designing a separate study for themselves, I’m sure you’re not claustrophobic! At the same time, it can be really easy to get distracted!

This big brother has persisted there for a long time, so that he can see and hear our laughter, and even turn his head! However, obviously the service staff couldn’t help but want to laugh!

People who insist on building open-air public toilets in their own backyards! Don’t you see that the toilet is facing the big balcony of my house? Can’t we fix one more roof and door?

Insist on chiseling a temple out of a single monolith! The hole is 1500 years old!

Abe who insists on riding, do you know that this seat is normally for people to sit on? It’s hard for you to put your legs too high! Isn’t it painful to sit in this way without the pressure on the buttocks?

It is really admirable to insist on arranging the fruits in such an effect! How does this allow customers to choose? No wonder there isn’t a single notch, probably no one really bought it!

Stick to the artist who makes sculptures out of screwcaps!

This young lady looks like a dancer at first glance! It’s time to refuel the car, but also to stretch the muscles and stretch the legs! Of course, if a man does this kind of posture, it will definitely not be so graceful and elegant!

This person who insists on traveling during the disinfection period can only be sprayed!

People who insist on using ordinary floor tiles to create a carpet effect, we should be able to call them artists, right?

When checking out in the supermarket, insist on using this posture to prove the quality of the pants? Of course, it can be seen that the quality of the pants is really good!

The boss who sticks to the soft-covered kitchen cabinet doors, I really admire you for being rich! Are you the owner of Jiangnan Leather Factory? Isn’t the Jiangnan leather factory closed down? Didn’t your sister-in-law daizh run away?

The whole city insists on colorful exterior paint!

This big brother is really a man of principle! Even in such a difficult posture, the feet can’t keep out of the circle, and strictly abide by the store regulations! Is it possible to give a free order of French fries?

This is a newly remodeled mall that insists on installing elevator rails on the stairs! So it can look upscale from a distance?

Stick to the cowman who transports 40 geese on a motorcycle!

It is relatively common to borrow power from public places to charge mobile phones, but this young lady has a very unique shape! Squat on one foot and cross your legs! Not many people can do this pose, right?

How many people are the construction units insisting on paving sidewalks with this kind of pattern trying to dizzy? Every time I walk this road for a few minutes, I have to rest my eyes against the tree for a while!

Hold on to the designers who designed such useless shoes! The price is 1500 yuan!

The shape of this little brother is really confusing! Tired of standing for too long? Still want to flip over the counter whenever you want?

Stick to the ones who build a full-scale cherry blossom tree out of LEGOs! I not only admire your creativity, your perseverance, and your aesthetics! I would like to ask, boss, is your company still short of people?

People who insist on using highlighter pens, even on e-books!

A group of young people met and chatted on the street! I was stunned by the shape of this little brother’s legs, so I secretly turned back to take a photo to make sure I wasn’t dazzled!

A tree that insists on growing on the mountain! Who said that the horizon can be identified by the direction of tree growth? Look at this stubborn tree, the wind should be above level 8 all year round, and it hasn’t stopped!

People who insist on using airtight tanks to allow the plants to recirculate their own water for 10 years, fortunately, the plants are very strong and have grown so big!

A teacher who insists on not sitting down to tutor a classmate! It’s really hard work. There is not even an extra chair in the classroom. The table should be of normal height. Could it be that the teacher is 2 meters high?

Insist on using snacks to tease the fierce man who feeds the wild boar! But it seems that wild boars like this French fries very much, they can cooperate so much and jump so high! But how do you get rid of wild boars if you finish feeding the French fries?

The old man who insisted on knitting sweaters for the penguins is really beautiful!

So being too tall is not a good thing! Especially for customers who have difficulty choosing! It takes 10 minutes to choose what to eat in this posture!

The customers who come to this supermarket are really admirable. They don’t hesitate to hit their cars repeatedly, hitting the steel pipe like this! I guess one day everyone will knock the pole flat!

People who insist on carving dead trees into giant squids are really creative!

Are people with long legs more tired than people of normal height when standing?

The ruthless person who insists on fixing the axle with plastic straps! Is the cable tie free? Or pay too much insurance?

There is always something to pay for flirting! Especially teasing 2 younger sisters at once! Why don’t you bring a chair over here? Or is such a pose easy to attract?

Two brothers who insist on digging the beach out of the water! At least it shows that this is a real beach, and many fake beaches are only 10 cm thick! Now, they may need to fill up the hole a bit to get up!

Those who insist on pulling out all the vehicles in the family to show off their wealth! It can only be said that it is indeed very rich! How much gas is the truck using!

Those who insist on this kind of alpine skiing not only admire their skills, but also their courage! This is a cliff without snow!

In such a small space, the tutor can only use this posture to give lectures! This can last for 1 hour!

People who insist on installing swing chairs at bus stops, well, actually I want a bus stop like this too!

life is not easy,Happy and beneficial!