How to properly feed 4 month old bearded dragon?

Bearded dragon is one of the most popular reptile pets today. It is being chosen by many pet lovers as its child because it is very docile and easy to raise.

People often bring a 2-4 month old bearded dragon home to start raising, this is the time when bearded dragon is most likely to form the habit. And as many comment, this is the time when they are the cutest.

However, properly raising a 4 month old bearded dragon is a difficult challenge. Even experienced people may not easily be able to please these babies.

That’s why we have gathered the information that you should know in order to properly raise a baby bearded dragon.

#1 How often does 4 month bearded dragon need to eat?

Unlike adult bearded dragons, a 4 month bearded dragon really needs to eat several meals a day.

Adult bearded dragons eat one meal a day, even if you forget to feed them, they can still exist. However, for baby bearded dragons, they really should eat several meals a day to be able to provide enough nutrition for full development.

You should feed 4 month bearded dragon 3-5 times a day, reduced to 2 times when it is about 12 months old.

Do not worry bearded dragon will be obese at this age because this is the number of nutrients needed for the development of a baby.

Note: Never think of placing food directly on the substrate to feed your pet. The best substrate for bearded dragons or the worst one also affects their digestive system.

#2 How much does a 4 month bearded dragon eat?

This is a question that many cannot find the answer. If the baby bearded dragon is fed too little, it will not be enough nutrition for fully growth. If it is fed too much, it will affect the ability to digest.

Let’s take a specific example that a 4 month bearded dragon should eat through two foods: crickets and dubias.

Crickets are an economical option, these animals also help stimulate the bearded dragon’s hunting instinct. For a 4 month bearded dragon, divide into 3 meals a day and each feeding lasts about 10 minutes. Please divide 40 crickets into 3 servings.

Dubias are the ideal food for baby bearded dragons, they are small in size and have great nutritional content and don’t have as much risk of containing bacteria as crickets.

For this type of insect, divide 15 dubias into 2 feeds per day.