37 wonderful photos: British policewoman interacts with 7 prisoners at the same time

Walking to the end of the sandy ramp in Chingshuidong, Malaysia, it is as if seeing a void.

In the 1912 football helmet test, the testers estimated that they were aiming at the benefits of “working for 1 day and resting for 100 days”.

The KGB’s camera ring allows people to harvest intelligence at the beck and call of their hands.

The roller skating with large wheels is more labor-saving and faster than traditional roller skating.

The water quality of the upper reaches of the Ganges in India is clear, which is completely different from that of the lower reaches.

In the future, if you encounter a free fruit plate in a restaurant, you can ask the boss: Does the fruit plate look like this…

GPS tracking records of wolves, some wolves will also make cross-border behaviors.

The woman in the cavity of a giant sequoia is such a small bird.

Although Round Island in Alaska is steep, the soft grass is very attractive.

Walruses wallow in the water, and the sediment they stir up becomes food for smaller creatures nearby.

Generally speaking, the accident rate of traffic roundabouts is lower than that of intersections, because it is uncomfortable to hit flower beds.

The baby zebra has spots instead of stripes. Does mother zebra know the reason?

The top floor of this waste incineration plant in Copenhagen is designed as a leisure complex for skiing, rock climbing and walking.

After a gust of wind in Ireland, the apple grove turned into an apple field.

You only have 10,000 but want to do a 1 million business? Then go to them and borrow your courage.

North American cardinals look extraordinarily gorgeous on snow-covered branches.

The lively sailing festival in the Netherlands is a traditional event used to commemorate the “Great Age of Discovery”.

Romania’s salt mine leisure centers are like mysterious cities hidden underground.

Kenya uses electric sightseeing vehicles to reduce the adverse impact of human activities on the grasslands.

When Seton in Canada was an adult, his father asked him to repay the $560 in childcare fees with an interest rate of 6%. After the debt was paid off, the two severed relations.

A bird’s-eye view of Lake Frome, Australia, where water evaporates during the dry season and becomes a salt flat.

This palm tree is a good example of how it is possible to survive a fallen tree.

Naturally shedding penguin feathers feel like they are as warm as three down jackets.

The Grand Prismatic Spring in the United States is named after the “rainbow dispersion” similar to white light passing through an optical prism.

The entrance of high-caste weddings in India is another interpretation of the word grand.

This giant bird sculpture in the center of the earth in India took 10 years to carve.

After seeing this picture, I suddenly wanted to add a pot of antifreeze to my car.

Three cheetahs stalk gazelles across the Kenyan plains at a safe distance for the gazelles.

What about frozen waterfalls? Just look at Niagara Falls.

Curious if it’s the oversized chalk that the professors at this university use?

Two-toed sloth eating apples while hanging upside down from a tree, so cute.

Pyramid-shaped icebergs add a mysterious vibe to Antarctica.

Clear macro photography of ant’s face.

The personalized lectern of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, where Truss’ twisted lectern is unique and ephemeral.

Zanib Khan, a female prison guard in London, “secretly communicated” with seven detainees through phone calls and letters from 2009 to 2011. This operation sent her to prison.

In 1938, the American actress was appointed as an honorary policewoman.

Woman wants back hat ‘eaten’ by elephant