36 “rare” pictures: Western women shaving with razors

Haze and sand make for a stunning image in Huntington Beach, USA.

This scene was like an eagle accidentally stepping on a snake, and both of them screamed involuntarily.

The improvised explosive device made by Nokia mobile phone can be used again if it can be opened after the explosion.

Manhattan, New York at the beginning of the last century, might be more appropriately called the center of world adventure.

After this ray of sunlight fades, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard will enter a long polar night.

Tyson and the Bengal tiger were pets. Later, he lamented that the tiger could not be domesticated because he paid $250,000 for injuring someone.

Bright halos of charged particles move across the sun’s surface as the sun’s magnetic field changes.

Although the British Air Force destroyed Cologne, Germany with tens of thousands of tons of bombs in 1944, it avoided historical landmarks such as Cologne Cathedral.

For some reason, some tilted bricks are used in this wall, which makes people feel obsessive-compulsive.

When new energy electric vehicles are sweeping the world, Italian Maserati has also joined this trend.

The British guards fainted during the procession, and the rules of the time meant that those in the queue could only turn a blind eye.

The bird’s fur looks pretty close to a strawberry cheesecake.

The statue of Ramses II depicts one of the most powerful rulers of ancient Egypt.

Las Vegas is not only a casino but also a sightseeing project, where there are many replicas of European landmarks.

A neat picture composed of yellow, red and blue containers on the snow.

The Indian bus can only stop on the road to let the bison go first.

This kind of camping box with soft bed, kitchen and bathroom almost overcomes all the shortcomings of camping.

Pillars of light in the sky in Jeju, South Korea, are an optical phenomenon in which light is reflected by particles in the atmosphere.

On the beach in Atlantic City, USA in 1908, people with exposed arms were dressed coolly.

After eight years of preparation, Titan Amorphophallus finally produced huge flowers.

These chunks of yellow crystal on the carts of Indonesian miners are sulfur, a building block for the cosmetics industry.

Lizards in Costa Rica use their feet to walk across the water, like a hidden master in the world of martial arts.

Miss Universe Vietnam walks the catwalk in a basket dress.

Friends split between Lithuania and Poland meet via portal, saving 8 hours of travel time.

A Japanese diver taps a metal object at a specific location to summon his good friend ~ sheep head wrasse.

In the 1920s, American liquor dealers wore cow hoof shoes, which made many policemen who walked law enforcement unable to find their whereabouts.

The Emperor Penguin’s face was full of smiles, as if he had just woken up from a dream.

A church in Copenhagen uses a “high-walled dome” to lead people’s sight to the sky.

New Zealand’s extinct moa skeleton, the biggest feature of this guy is the pair of long legs.

Italy’s ‘disappearing lake’, where water flows into caves as ice that blocks the bottom melts.

A 17th-century pocket watch bearing the image of a boy named Louis XIV in France, probably custom-made for himself.

The scene painting composed of flowers in Liege, Belgium, looks very three-dimensional on the long steps.

American Johnny was born without a lower body, and he and his brother Robert performed “The Man in the Box Was Sawed in Half” so that it could be faked.

Westerners have thick hair, and some women choose to shave with a razor to keep their skin smooth.

Beautiful woman in black dress.

Firefighters practice the technique of “water spray fire control”.