31 Totally Sweet Bookshelves and Bookcases

I’ve never needed a bookshelf because I keep all my TV Guides and Kitten Fancy magazines on my empty Depends box coffee table. Still, some people decide that they would like a fancy home for all of their books, and so they go out and get themselves one of these totally sweet bookshelves:

The tree of knowledge

An optical illusion bookshelf

Looks too thin to support books

Hold me!

Ingenious really. Allows access to the top shelves

An equation

An adjustable rubber belt

How everything I put together from IKEA ends up looking. Sweden!

I like this hanging one

Built in reading cave

Leaning tower of books


A continuum of books

Bookcase stairs

Expandable. Right, like anyone would own that many books. There are only  7 books in the Harry Potter series.

A round couch

Doesn’t seem very practical

I like this one too

Another tree

This book is a real “bear” to get through. Ahaahaa!



An inverted bookcase.

Now there is a good use for books!

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