29 “unbelievable” real photos

The photo was taken in 1919. The character in the photo is named Robert Pershing Wadlow. He is 2.72 meters tall (weight 220 kg). He holds the Guinness World Record for human height. In the photo is a group photo of him and his family (family normal height). It is said that his coffin was 3.28 meters long when he died. (Estimated to be a world record)

A photographer caught a plane passing overhead on a foggy day, and the effect was very artistic.

I am used to seeing black and white tattoos, let me show you the colorful silk tattoos,

The photographer cleverly used different angles of view to make the moon “get” two points. It is still very important to make photography imagination.

This is not a large secret airport, but the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, USA, where nearly 4,000 scrapped aircraft, large and small, are parked, known as the “aircraft cemetery.”

The filming location at the beginning of “Celebrating More Than Years”, Tianjin Binhai New Area Cultural Center Library, has a unique shape and a very visual impact.

Australian artist Ellie’s portrait oil paintings look too real.

Magnificent and shocking photos of Jupiter, which cannot be captured by ordinary cameras.

Rock climbers’ tents, where they sleep at night.

It was not easy to take this “credential photo” of a great white shark, and the photographer paid for it with his life.

An elderly man has plucked a hive from his backyard, reportedly using local firefighters.

It is recommended that friends who like photography must find a lighthouse to take pictures if they have the opportunity. The scenes of the four seasons are very shocking, especially in winter.

Do you feel that human beings are small in the photos of the earth taken by the Cassini probe on Saturn? (Saturn is 1.3-1.6 billion kilometers away from Earth.)

A passenger took a photo of lightning on the plane, and it is believed that he was panicked at the time.

The “Hope for Peace” monument unveiled in 1995 is inlaid with 78 real jeeps and tanks. (It can be used in an emergency.)

A huge powder crystal rough stone was dug out in the yard of the beautiful woman’s house, and she was very happy.

The chalk dust falling on the podium looks like this under a high-powered microscope. The microscopic world is really amazing.

On the day of the total solar eclipse, the shadow of the sun was all over the walls of a house. It turned out to be the optical effect produced by the sunlight passing through a dense tree.

What looks like some kind of mysterious square stone is actually table salt under a high-powered microscope.

The sculptures completed by the artist in pencil are said to be expensive.

This is not a scene from a sci-fi movie, but plankton flashing in the sea.

Remember Popeye in the cartoon? This is his prototype.

People in Telangana state, India, planted 1 million saplings in one hour, setting a new world record.

The mysterious guide stone of Georgia, USA, is said to be related to Freemasonry.

Electrostatic levitation of metal droplets in a laser furnace.

The mother lioness actually adopted a little leopard. I don’t know if the leopard can continue to live with them peacefully when it grows up.

This little boy in the photo you must know when he grows up, his name is Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson), behind him is his father. (Genes really matter.)

Saturn’s “portrait photo”, do you feel shocked? (Saturn is about the size of 830 Earths.)

The library pictured is located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.Known as “the coolest library in America”.

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