25 Animals Almost Died Alone But Recovered Thanks To The Love Of Their Owners

Probably everyone, even those who have never read The Little Prince , have heard the phrase “We are responsible for what we tame”. But unfortunately, not everyone remembers these words in real life. According to statistics, every year about 6 or 8 million animals are abandoned and have to go to shelters. Only half of them found new families and true friends. But if they are so lucky, the happiness on their faces can be seen with the naked eye.

After seeing some photos of pets that have found a new home, we at Bright Side have reinforced our notion that love and care can do wonders. Take a look at them, see if you agree with us.

Images “before” and “after”. If they can’t melt your heart, you probably don’t have it

“It took me 2 weeks to get used to them on my hands. But it’s worth it.”

“We took her home when she was old and had no teeth, but we fell in love at first sight. 3 months later, he’s enjoying his new life.”

“No one wanted to take 13-year-old Sonny out of the shelter because he was thin and had dental problems. Adopting this cat was the best decision I made.”

How the Abandoned Tater Became the Happy Tater

This charming dog named Popcorn has been living on the streets for 16 years. He is now 17 years old and enjoying life

Así es como una chimenea, una buena comida y una cama caliente pueden cambiar la vida en tan solo 6 días

“Dany fue arrojada a la basura. La alimentamos con biberón y la tratamos. Desde entonces, ella cambió mucho y se convirtió en la guardiana de nuestro hogar”

Nadie quería adoptarlo debido a sus orejas cortadas y a su aspecto “aterrador”

Las transformaciones que hace el tiempo son increíbles

“Esta es mi gata, Maisie, de 3 patas. Estaba profundamente deprimida cuando la saqué del refugio. Ella me sacó milagrosamente del abismo de la desesperación”

Han pasado tan solo 10 días

“Hace exactamente un año adoptamos a nuestro bebé, Lane. ¡Cuánto amo a este travieso!”

“Lleva tres años con nosotros y adora la vida”

“Cuando adopté a Pauli, de 18 años, en 2018, me dijeron que no viviría más de 2 meses. ¡Qué equivocados estaban!”

“El día que la ‘adoptamos’ y 2 semanas después”

“Gracias a Dobby, mi vida mejoró significativamente. Él es la razón por la que me levanto cada mañana”

“Cuando sacamos a este chico del refugio, se le caía el pelo, tenía los ojos supurantes y cuerpo estaba lleno de cicatrices. Ahora ha florecido y sabe lo que es llevar una vida feliz y sana”

“At the shelter, Merlin looked so upset that I had to adopt him. “He’s really a majestic cat now.”

“I found this kitten in the trash and named him Boris. My wife objected at first but now she likes it.”

“Today, I took this boy out of the shelter. I’m sure he’s happy.”

“Nova lives in a small cat cage in a crowded animal shelter. I looked at her pictures online and learned that she was about to be euthanized. My trip took 20 hours but I managed to save her.”

“A year ago we adopted Catlyn. The difference between the photos is obvious.”

“Dusty lives under the carriage. Then in my office, and now at my home. These photos are 3 months apart!”

How do you feel about the animal shelter? Do you dare to adopt and care for a sick pet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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