Best Aquarium Light: Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light VS. Marineland Accent Hidden LED System

When it comes to keeping an aquarium, a proper lighting system is essential. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fish keeper, it can be a daunting task to get the best LED aquarium lighting

Lighting for aquarium is not only brought out the tank but also conducive to the growth of aquarium plants.

Here are 2 of the best aquarium light for beginners that will help you get the right lighting system for your aquarium: Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light VS. Marineland Accent Hidden LED System.

#1 Tank size and light intensity

The first thing you have to consider is the compatibility between the tank size and the light intensity. If the light intensity is smaller than tank size, it may not evenly be distributed, and your tank will not receive enough amount of light that it needed. 

On the other hand, more light could mean too much exposure to light. There is no case that is good for aquatic life. Study the product rate carefully before buying the light to get the proper capacity of light.

 Marineland LED light has a slim design at 17 inches. It also comes with the adjustable legs, allowing for a secure fit with the tank. Meanwhile, Current USA LED light is available for 4 sizes: 17, 23, 35, and 47 inches. 

It offers 4 options for different tank sizes. It also features adjustable mounting legs so you can adjust the fit to your tank.

#2 The light spectrum

The light spectrum is the color of light produced that is measure in Kelvin (K). If you are planning to grow plants in your aquarium, it is better to get the light with the spectrum from 2700K to 10000K. However, the light products outside this range are likely not to do very well for a planted tank.

MarineLand Accent includes 6500k white and RGB LEDs, which makes it the full spectrum of light. Moreover, this is the polycarbonate lens LED light, which will make your aquarium a more natural shimmer.

Current USA Satellite light also provides a mix of 6500K white and 445Nm blue LEDs Light. This light offers a wired remote that allows users to turn on and off the light and also dim the white or blue LEDs independently. 

This feature offers you can switch from different modes such as storm effects, cloudy, evening light, moonlight and dusk.

Best Automatic Chicken Waterer: LITTLE GIANT VS. Royal Rooster

It is your responsibility to provide enough clean water during the day for your chicken. But constantly keeping an eye on waterer, refilling it and changing the water could be the work that takes you lots of time and effort.

In this case, the best automatic chicken waterer will be the ideal option for you. Automatic chicken waterer will provide your chicken with a steady flow of clean water throughout the day even when you are not around. 

By comparing and giving you product reviews of two most popular automatic waterers below, we hope that you can choose the best chicken waterer: LITTLE GIANT Automatic Water VS. Royal Rooster Waterer with Automatic Cup.

#1 Size and Capacity

You have to think about the amount of water you expect the waterer can hold and how big the waterer is. It is obvious that you should get the waterer that can contain as much water as possible but also compact in size. Also considering the number of chicken you are keeping, this will help you determine the capacity of the waterer.

Litter Giant waterer has 4-gallon water capacity, with this amount of water Litter Giant can be able to provide enough water for large animals. It measures 18 x 15 x 12 inches, makes sure that this waterer can be fit inside your chicken coop without taking up too much space.

Royal Rooster has a capacity of one gallon, which is much lesser than Litter Giant. But it will not a problem if you plan to check your waterer at least once a day.

However, Royal Rooster has the advantage of saving space due to the size of 20” tall, 5” wide, and 5” deep.

#2 Design

The design of the waterer should come with some features that most convenient for your birds. Litter Giant waterer is designed with a bowl to contain water and a valve controlled water outlet. It includes a cover that stops any dirt that can get into the water.  

It is can be mounted easily in the fence of the wall. This waterer comes with metal brackets that allow the user easy to install on the fence or the wall.

Royal rooster waterer is the vertical trough with dispenses water through two separate automatic cups. The cups even have covers that can prevent the water from getting dirty.

 It is can be installed by hooking straight onto the mesh inside the chicken coop or fix to the coop wall using two aluminum brackets provided.

#3 Features

Litter Giant waterer has float controlled refill feature, that will help you to refills the tank automatically when the amount of water in the tank is under its water to set up.

Royal Rooster waterer’s drinker cups are designed with the valve operated. This valve allows just a small of water to come into the cups at any one time. And when the chicken drinks water, the water level goes down and the valve operated will refill the cups.