18 Delicious Rodents – How to Cook Rodents – Rodents as a Food Source

Rodents as a food source:

Rodents, one of several kinds of vertebrates included in the human diet, are very suitable as human food. More than 71 genera and 89 species of rodents, mostly hystricomorphs, have been consumed by man. Some have even been domesticated for private or commercial production of food for human consumption. Rodents in the temperate world serve only as a supplement to the regular diet of humans; but in the tropical world, they are widely accepted and a popular source of protein. Although harvesting field rats for human food is beneficial, it is not an effective pest control strategy. Consuming rodents in pesticide-treated areas and handling rodents with potential zoonoses are two possible risks.

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Guinea Pig:
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Racoon (not a rodent, just tasty):
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How to Catch, Prepare, Cook and Eat a Squirrel

How to prepare the animal. This is specific to a squirrel, but should work for any rodent:

Step 1
Rinse the freshly killed squirrel in water, ensuring it is entirely saturated. Leave the squirrel in the water long enough to soak to the skin; this will keep the hair together and make it easier to skin.

Step 2
Take out the entrails using a sharp knife. Cut on the belly from just under the ribs, through the abdomen and toward the hindquarters. Remove the bladder first, being careful not to spill any urine on the meat. Open the pelvis and take out the remaining organs.

Step 3
Skin the squirrel by slicing just under the skin from the hind end and over the belly to the squirrel’s flanks. Take the tail and pull toward the forelegs, removing the hide.

Step 4
Cut off the squirrel’s feet and head. Pull the remaining skin from the legs. Remove the innards as soon as possible. Meat that marinates in the innards will taste gamy.