15 Fantastic Beards

I want to grow a beard so badly but I don’t have good connectors. The area between my chin and lip is a barren wasteland. Oh well, I’ll live vicariously through these cool beards:

ZZ Top

I’m sure his wife loves his beard. Not embarrassing at all when they go out into public.

A Jewish beard.

That is one long mamma-jamma.

Ah! Half man half squid! Run for your lives!

Joaquin Phoenix. I wonder if he still thinks he is a rapper. Joaquin you better be on drugs, cause you are acting crazy.

Half a beard; I think it will catch on.

Brigham Young, sporting a nice bushy beard.

An Amish beard.

Abe Lincoln

Do you have any idea how much ear wax it takes to keep your mustache that curled? A lot.

Aww, such pretty hair.

Yeah, rock on Drew Gooden.

Ok, when the end of your beard starts looking like a drain clog, it’s time to trim that sucker.

I guess it’s a bridge, I dunno.

Sources: Sorry, lost my sources. Please let me know if any of these are your pictures.