15 Cursed Photos That Should’ve Never Been Taken

1. I do not like this.

2. Or this.

3. No, really. Please stop putting fake eyes on things that should not have eyes.

4. I would have been totally fine with never knowing what fish gills looked like.

5. Also would have been totally fine not knowing that beluga whales have knees.

6. What kind of creep hangs a painting in the middle of the woods?

7. Probably the same kind of creep who would do this.

8. I’m feeling a little ashamed about being from Connecticut right now.

9. How about we just call this crystal a crystal?

10. And call this rock a rock.

11. As though the pure power of electricity weren’t terrifying enough.

12. BRB, having an existential crisis.

13. This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like.

14. Actually, this is.

15. Just remember, y’all, nothing in life is “free.”