15 creative designs that should have been invented long ago to make life more convenient!

1. Inflatable vehicle protective cover to protect the vehicle from rain and hail.

2. A microwave with a built-in toaster.

3. A keyboard with random numbers will be displayed every time to prevent others from guessing the password from the action.

4. A device that displays the status of toilet use.

5. A mirror that displays the weather in real time in the hotel.

6. Pet backpack.

7. Fill the express package.

8. A toilet seat that can be used by children.

9. A hat with its own fan.

10. Chairs and coffee tables for easy storage.

11. Washing machine with shoe covers.

12. A special device in the library for listening to the phone.

13. Rubik’s Cube for the Blind.

14. Temporary storage point for pets.

15. The grass field imitating fire hydrants in the airport,Made specifically for pets to urinate.