10 Most Unusual (Stupid?) Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly Burial

A Colorado company sells caskets made from banana sheaves, bamboo or pandanus that decomposes together with the body as a way of promoting ecologically-friendly burials. The so-called Ecoffin, short for eco-friendly coffins, of Ecoffins USA takes six months to two years to biodegrade. The company’s marketing director, Joanna Passarelli, said the Ecoffins is better for the environment than cremating bodies. The lowest price for an Ecoffin is $800.

Eco-friendly Remote Control
Eco-friendly Pet Furs
Eco-friendly Moss Carpet
Eco-friendly Umbrella
Eco-friendly Edible Shoe Cream
Eco-friendly Baby Cloth
Pollution-Sensitive Dress
Eco-friendly Car Racer
Eco-friendly Earrings