1-year-old cat = 7-year-old human

A long time ago, when converting a cat’s age to a human’s age, it was generally said that a cat’s 1 year old = a human’s 7 years old. In fact, this is already in the past tense. The following is the latest age conversion table for cats. Come and see your cat How old is it equal to human beings!

A cat’s 1-year-old is actually equal to a human’s 15-year-old. The following is the latest cat age conversion table. Don’t make mistakes in the future~

1~3 months is the kitten period

When cats are 1 to 3 months old, they are their young cats, and they are also the golden period of character formation. Many pet owners choose cats at this age when they buy cats, so as to make the cats more clingy and develop more good habits.

At this stage, it is very important to supplement the cat with sufficient nutrition, and when it is 2 months old, it is necessary to take the cat to vaccinate.

1 year old kitten has grown up

Cats are generally considered adult cats when they are 1 year old, and they are already considered 15-year-old teenagers at this time.During this period, cats have reached the size of adult cats, the growth plates on the bones will close, the deciduous teeth will slowly fall off, and new teeth will grow.

When a cat becomes an adult, its weight basically does not change much, but if the cat is too thin, it needs to be fattened; if the cat is too obese, it needs to control its weight and lose weight.

Before the age of 7 is the golden period of life

From 1 to 7 years old is the golden period of a cat’s life. At this time, cats are very active, and cats are also very playful and clingy, so the pet owner can place a cat climbing frame for the cat, and prepare some toys and cat teasing sticks for the cat.

At this stage, the cat also needs the companionship of the pet owner very much. The owner must not neglect to accompany the cat.

8~9 years old have slowly entered old age

Most cats slowly enter old age when they are 8 to 9 years old. At this time, you will find that the cat has significantly reduced its activities and has become more stable and quiet. Moreover, the cat also slowly changes its work and rest time, becoming the same as the owner.

Cats will lick their hair quietly in their spare time, so pets should regularly feed the cat some hair cream to help the cat discharge hairballs.

14 years old is already equivalent to a 72-year-old man

When a cat is 14 years old, it is equivalent to a 72-year-old grandpa. This is also the old age of cats, which is close to the average life expectancy. At this time, cats will also appear some obvious geriatric diseases.

When cats enter old age, pet owners must take care of them carefully, because the mobility, hearing and sense of smell of elderly cats will deteriorate. Moreover, the appetite of elderly cats will also decrease due to weakened digestive function, so it is recommended to choose a cat food with good palatability for elderly cats.

Conclusion: How old is your cat in human years now?